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Color Guard

Q: What is Color Guard?

A: The Rivera Color Guard is the main Visual component of the Rivera Raider Band and an essential element in a successful band program. Color Guard offers students the opportunity to learn modern styles of dance (Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet) while combining it with flag and weapon spinning skills in a highly energetic and competitive atmosphere. Though prior dance experience is encouraged for those individuals interested in joining, no previous experience is necessary for membership!


Q: What are the benefits of joining color guard?

A: Many students who may be interested in being part of the band experience but lack prior music knowledge may find Color Guard to be the perfect opportunity to be part of the amazing Rivera Raider Band! P.E. Credit can also be awarded for participation in the Color Guard.

Q: Do I need any prior experience in order to join?


A: No! Though previous experience is helpeful, you will be taught all skills necessary to compete with the guard!


Q: Is color guard only for girls?


A: Not at all! Some professional color guards are male dominated, or in the case of the Madison Scout Drum and Bugle Corps, Male only! 

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